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Back By Dope Demand



It’s been a testing few weeks here at Wrecking Ball Towers, what with broken ankles, bouts of pneumonia and the death of Prince. But rest assured dear reader, things are now more or less back on an even keel. We’ve got a couple of superb novels lined up for release in the next couple of months. First off the blocks in Alex Green’s “The Heart Goes Boom” – a sweetly surreal adventure about the search for true love in modern day America, featuring a washed up Hollywood soap star, a silver eyed magician and California’s second best fortune teller. Next up is “The Bastard Wonderland” by Lee Harrison, a magnificent epic steam-punk fantasy that leaps over genres and pisses on them from a great height. Centred around a deeply touching father and son relationship, “The Bastard Wonderland” takes in war, religion, mushy peas and magnificent flying machines. It will make you laugh, cry and think – often in the space of a single page. And then, when summer finally shows it’s face, we have the debut collection from legendary Hull poet Dean Wilson. The title is still undecided, but current favourites are “If You’re Happy And A Poet Clap Your Hands” or “Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe On The Streets.” Whatever we end up calling it, it will be a work of utter genius.  

So until these brand new titles land, celebrate the good health of your favourite independent publisher by heading over to our online shop and buying up all of our back catalogue. You know you want to.