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By Brendan Cleary

Stranger In The House

Brendan Cleary’s poems have never been for the squeamish or faint hearted. They smack of the streets around us. His often manic personas confront their demons, lay bare their hearts and reveal the anguish of their personal disorder in the city’s terrain. “Stranger in the House” sees Cleary in the realm of the urban epiphany. Tragic, sad, but darkly comic, his poems speak for the dispossessed, the bedsit dwellers, the losers in love.

“It was ringing in my ears when I put down Sacrilege.” – Justin Quinn, Irish Studies review

“Brendan Cleary is renowned for performances of his poetry, but he is not a performance poet he is a poet who is a good performer… he is as clear on the page as he is on the stage.” – Milner Place





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  • Pages : 59
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Wrecking Ball Press
  • ISBN : 1-903110-06-8
  • Dimensions : 210x148x5mm
  • Released : 2001

About The Author


Brendan Cleary is a highly respected poet with several published collections to his name including The Irish Card, Sacrilege and Stranger In The House. 'Weightless' was described as a modern blues. Originally hailing from Northern Ireland Brendan now lives in Brighton where he also teaches poetry. Brendan's poetry often throws up a haunting and vital melody, with hearts and minds and the disorder of the city being laid bare. It can also be darkly comic in turns (Brendan has a penchant for stand-up too) as a voice for the dispossessed, the bed-sit dwellers and the losers in love.

"Brendan Cleary is renowned for performances of his poetry... he is as clear on the page as he is on the stage" Milner Place.