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By Tim Cumming

Contact Print

CCTV cameras, TV recording equipment, microphones, all capturing and recording events in peoples lives. In today’s Big Brother world, these constant intrusions are at once a threat and a comfort – moments would be lost forever without surveillance. Tim cumming tells of events caught on camera as they happen to disparate protagonists, seemingly at random, but which dissolve into one another as they loose partners, jobs, identities and belief. “Contact Print” is set in a traffic jam on the Holloway Road in London. Its hero is Tony Harris, who is seen driving away for the last time from his married girlfriend’s house into a traffic snarl-up, a demo, a pub, a maze of memories, the city or the city itself, repeating itself to the horizon, which finally swallows him up. Along the way we are treated to arresting images of urban life, from the kidnapping of a junior minister to doing smack in the toilets of Paddington station. This is a world of personal and political instability, captured with photographic accuracy.

Tim Cumming’s poems have been published widely in Britain and America, and he writes regularly for The Guardian and The Independent. His work has been broadcast on BBC radio and TV, and he has featured in the New Voices season at the South Bank. He lives and works in London.

“Tim Cumming is a real treasure… Sometimes the poems are as realistic as life is, and sometimes he builds up the absurdities and incongruities to create a world that’s as unreal as life is.” – Poetry Review



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Weight .160 kg

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  • Pages : 59
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Wrecking Ball Press
  • ISBN : 1-903110-10-6
  • Dimensions : 210x150x5mm
  • Released : 2002

About The Author


Tim Cumming is a poet and journalist from London. Books include The Rumour and Apocalypso. He has poems and articles in many newspapers, magazines, and Websites in Britain, Europe, and America. The film poem 'Foreign News' was first published in the magazine Liar Republic, in his 2004 collection, The Rumour, from Stride Books, and in the new anthology of poetry from Britain and Ireland, Identity Parade (Bloodaxe Books). The poem was written in the first few months of the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq.