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A Bomb, A Boom & A Bastard – First Three For 2016

Our first three releases of 2016 are lined up ready to go. Excited? Just a bit.

First out the blocks is Andy Fletcher’s “How To Be A Bomb”, a sublime collection that takes everyday objects – an atlas, an overcoat, a piano – and imbues them with a sense of mystery and wonder. Fuelled by mind as sharp as a scalpel and a heart bigger than the Humber, Andy Fletcher’s poetry ranges from simple, stark, haiku-like lines to rambling dreamlike prose, by turn both delightfully surreal and as clear as a raindrop caught by sunlight. You will return to these words again and again and be rewarded with something fresh and arresting at each visit.

“The Heart Goes Boom” by Alex Green is one of the most original and heart-warming novels we’ve had the pleasure of reading for years. Take a fortune teller, a has-been TV soap star, a wise man, a writer and a silver eyed magician. Set them on a quest for true love and immortality. Make the road ahead fraught with mishaps and mayhem, with unforgettable characters popping up at every turn. Make it funny. Make it really really funny. “The Heart Goes Boom” is the most joyous, life-affirming story you will read this year.

Lee Harrison’s debut novel “The Bastard Wonderland” is a magnificent epic steam-punk fantasy that leaps over genres and pisses on them from a great height. Centred around a deeply touching father and son relationship, “The Bastard Wonderland” takes in war, religion, mushy peas and magnificent flying machines. It will make you laugh, cry and think – often in the space of a single page.

Release dates as and when we get them – stay tuned.