The Case Of The Missing Blue Volkswagen


Jokes fly fast as bullets in the case of the missing blue volkswagon, a hilarious spoofing of hard-boiled detective fiction which is already a small press classic.

“I like Gerald Locklin. I like his stuff. He swings from the heels, pukes from the bathroom… he’s open and he calls the shots”. – Charles Bukowski

“Locklin is the only author I know who writes about everything. He is one of my favorite writers but I’ll be damned if I know where he fits into the scheme of American literature.” – Edward Field

Gerald Locklin teaches English at California State University at Long Beach. He is the author of numerous books of poetry and fiction including The Case of the Missing Blue VolkswagenThe English Mini-TourChildren of a Lesser Demigogue, and The Death of Jean-Paul Sarte. He has published over a thousand poems, stories, reviews, and articles in The Wormwood Review, Poetry/LA, Pinchpenny, Slipstream, American Scholar, Literary Review, Ambit, Western Humanities Review, Beloit poetry Review, and elsewhere. Three volumes of his work are available in translation in West Germany. In the introduction to one of them, Charles Bukowski calls Gerald Locklin “one of the great undiscovered talents of our time.”

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