Scouse Brows



Scouse Brows is the debut poetry pamphlet from Madelaine Kinsella.

“Carefully-crafted radical missives from North Liverpool. A vital broadcast.” – Matthew Thomas Smith

“These poems are a prism through which the city’s wayward spirits are illuminated; jagged and full of nerve. Kinsella walks beside punters-come-prophets and stiff-necked school girls, circling the curses of want. Tending to scoured knees, she sings hymns of the headstrong and hungry, of sandstone and spit, reciting her homeland in a voice as frictive as the asphalt on which this city cuts its teeth.” – Stephanie Gavan

“A riveting and necessary poetry collection. From beginning to end, we are left yearning for more, but Kinsella leaves no crumbs behind.” – Kevanté A. C. Cash